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Annual SMSF Administration (up to 20 'Investments')2

Premium SMSF Administration (up to 20 'Linked Investments')2

extra 'Investments'2

extra  'Linked Investments' after the first 10 extra2
for account based Pension administration

Transactions (unlimited)

Independent Annual Audit - by 3rd Party3

Pension Establishment - effective 1 July (simple/$ doc'n)

TRAP Pension Establishment - effective 1 July (simple/$ doc'n)

Extra / Optional Items - only if/as required (listed for transparency)

Trustee Company
Pensions establishment not effective 1 July (requires prior day revaluations, simple/$ doc'n)
Premium Pension Documentation  (recommended, but optional)
Actuaries certificate - for an account based pension
Administration of Segregated Assets - per account
PAYG Payment Summary/Statement - for TRAP
Prepare and lodge Instalment Activity Statement (IAS)
IF GST registered - Prepare/lodge Quarterly Business Activity Statement/Annual Return
Other Notes:
  • The Australian Tax Office applies the “ATO Supervisory Levy” detailed HERE before confirming annual tax refund/due.
  • Other Legal Documentation, if required:- Refer to our Cleardocs or TopDocs Portals for details
  • Our standard terms and conditions applies to all services. 
  • A rate of $200/hr applies for any services not listed above and/or for additional time / rework required to complete services for reasons outside of our control.  
  • The above fees apply to work performed from 1 November 2015 and are subject to change without prior notice (eg due to 3rd party increases).
  • Trustees are responsible for ASIC Company review/fees for any Corporate Trustees. For convenience, see HERE (full list of fees), HERE (SMSF Trustee Only Company) and HERE (ability to pay up to 10 year in advance to avoid penalties).

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1/ Nil cost Transfer is subject to a YSA review to confirm there is no non-standard considerations, in which case a quote will be provided.
2/ The SMSF Administration fees are based on the number of 'Investments' held during the year. 

'Standard Investments' count as one Investment and include Australian Bank/Building Society Accounts, Cash Management Accounts, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit or similar Fixed Interest Securities, Life Insurance Policies, Managed Funds, shares and Managed Funds listed on Australian Stock Exchange.  We reserve the right to add one for any four buy/sell trades of the same investment if manual data entry is required (eg a CSV or excel file cannot be provided).

'Linked Investments' are Standard Investments that have been successfully linked to the BGL Simple Fund 360 software used to provide the Premium SMSF Administration service, noting it supports more banks and brokers than any other SMSF software, but your authorisation or other assistance may be required to establish a read-only link.
The following 'Non-Standard Assets' are allowed but count as more than one Investment#:- property (5), investment listed on the Hong Kong, Singapore or USA Stock Exchanges (2), foreign listed (3), foreign unlisted (8), Share Trading Account or Forex / Foreign Option Account (8)#, CFD (Contract for Difference) (8), In-house Assets (8), Plant or equipment leased to external parties (3) and any Limited Recourse Loan adds 3. 
A quote is required for other assets including derivatives, collectables, precious metals, funds lending to any person/entity, private unit trusts, unlisted companies and/or agricultural investments.  # Conditions apply - eg subject to source data being readily available in a suitable format.
3/ Independent Annual Audit - In line with industry best practice, we do NOT audit funds that we administer.  We believe clients are best served by a truly independent audit, which can often provide useful feedback.  It also protects Trustees from increased ATO scrutiny on auditor “independence”.  See a recent ATO newsletter HERE. The standard fee covers most situations, and certainly standard 'investments' listed above.  Funds with non-compliances and/or Non-Standard Assets may attract an additional fee (eg ~$130 if a basic contravention report is required or the fund holds a property and borrowings).
4/ Actuary's Certificate - This fee relates to using the Unsegregated method to establish the tax exempt current pension income associated with an account-based pensions.  The ATO also allows a Segregated method (refer HERE), but this leads to complications and the segregation fee above. A different Actuary fee will apply for Defined Benefit pensions.
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