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Client Portal provides a secure mechanism to exchange documents, track job work-flow and access our comprehensive reporting, from anywhere, in real time, 24X7.

It automates the signing and approval process for year end documents, and gives you the ability to request/access investment reports in real time, 24X7.  

Easy automated process to supply source documents, to view, update or notify changes to your fund’s investment strategy.  

It makes the independent audit more efficient.

IF authorised by you - Portal can be used to improve information flow to / from your advisers, bank managers, brokers and/or other trustees.

Through its unique document delivery, retrieval and reminder system, Portal will automatically deliver documents direct to you via the web and remind you if you need to process a document. Powerful document tracking, management and discussion features allow us to monitor all communications.

Is Portal Safe and Secure? 

With SSL and the latest encryption technologies, Portal is highly secure and is certainly considered safer than email, for example. It reduces or removes the need for documents to be posted or emailed.
  Hosting is at a secure data centre with world class infrastructure.  Multiple employee background security checks, keycard protocols, biometric scanning, round the clock interior and exterior surveillance monitors that protect access to data centre.  
  Data and documents are published securely to Portal only if/when we choose.

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Copyright © 2009-17 Your Super Accountant ABN 96 482 574 151  All Rights Reserved